Bachelor's Program

Bachelor degree

Degrees are higher education qualifications that help you develop a thorough understanding of a subject. There are a vast number of subjects to choose from

What you can study

There are a vast number of bachelor’s degree courses to choose from. Some subjects like medicine, law and architecture prepare you for a particular career. Others, like English or history can equip you with skills for a wide range of jobs.

How a bachelor's degree is assessed

Different courses will assess you in different ways. Generally, bachelor’s degrees involve a mixture of exams and coursework. Some ask you for a written dissertation that you produce at the end of the course.
Bachelor’s degrees are graded:first upper-second (2:1) lower second (2:2) third pass fail
A third or above means you get a bachelors degree with honours.If you are not happy with the grade you have been awarded and want to appeal, you will need to follow the appeals procedure in your college or university.

How a bachelor's degree is assessed

Most graduates use their degree to move into employment. You could also use the qualification to go on to a postgraduate course of higher education, such as a diploma or masters degree.

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